Thursday, September 3, 2009

Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy

Well, I'm not a fan of the thought of capitalism crumbling, obviously, but I loved this clip. It's pretty danged true!!! We're in such an age of entitlement that we often overlook so many of our modern marvels.

I love being on the cusp of the old way and the new way - like, I distinctly remember my first time going online, the first time I saw a cell phone, etc. My little 12-year-old sister will never be able to understand how things were pre-Internet!

In other news - I will be one of those people in a mere 36 hours to fly across the country in five hours or less. Thank you, modern technology awesomeness. Fall asleep in Long Beach, wake up at JFK. I promise not to take it for granted!

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